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At Impactioneers, we're passionate about building Startup Systems and MOOCs. To share that passion, and provide you with the most valuable insights on those topics, we produce 2 regular newsletters: How to Build a Startup System (subscribe here: and The MOOC Mail (subscribe here: They both contain the best articles from the web on their specific topics, hand-curated by Impactioneers, and occasional exclusive content. To subscribe to both of them at once, use the form below.


Social Impact

From developing entrepreneurial ecosystems, to designing innovative education solutions for refugees. Impactioneers pioneers on the cutting edge of technology and methodology, to make more positive impact.

Hack L&D

We have developed a Lean approach to Learning and Development, based on MOOCs. It is about high quality courses, delivered in a cost-effective, flexible and scalable way.It will bring the future of management training to your company. Find out more.


Want to have more positive impact on your community, company, life? We help you get the best out of your qualities.

About Us

About Us

Impactioneers are innovators and pioneers, who experiment with new technology, business models, movements, phenomena to create social impact. From the experience doing so, they take lessons, with which they can help companies thrive. Our current focus is on online learning through MOOCs and startup culture.

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